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why don’t Colleges compete to low their tuitions?

by on October 23, 2011


            Why don’t colleges compete to low their tuition? It is miserble that people have no power to low their tuition. For example in Korea, high school students protest against high tuition and it didn’t make any difference. All colleges use non-priced competition because all colleges have reasons why their tutions are high. All Colleges use non-priced factors to gain popularity. Good majors or good teaching professors or clean dorms or roomates that can focus once studying. Government can subsidize some colleges but private colleges, because private colleges mostly religious so it can’t subsidize their tuition.


Colleges compete for students by  developing well known programs like U.S.C. medical schools, they have good famous professors and good traditional background. Long beach state University is well known for its music programs, because I went there to see the performance, my piano teacher was performing, and I saw several small rooms that can focus on practicing. California State of university of Fullerton is well known for business, many students became successful with businesses later on. A lot of colleges have their own pride in their programs or compete with famous majors or professors.



            Professors are paid more than I thought. Most professors get paid about, “$41,270 to $139,737(,_Postsecondary_%2F_Higher_Education/Salary)” Their salaries have to be paid by their colleges that’s one of the reasons why colleges are expansive. Most professors are a stable costs for universities and universities have to pay them every years. For overall students pay dorm fees that depend on the colleges. Many private colleges charge between 3,000 and 7,000 dollars a year for room and board. Public universities tend to charge less. (1,500 to 2,500) Multiply the number by 4 and the costs will be around 6,000 to 28,000 for four years of college. This does not include any other costs such as tuition and textbooks.( Colleges have to pay a lot of money to buy textbooks for colleges class. It is true that most students have payed at least 200$ for one semester,( Textbooks are expansive because the textbooks take long time and much work to publish the books. Especially college book stores that have a lot cost, such as employees, utilities, rent the land, ect. ( colleges have production cost to pay and so they have charge high tution.

Is there any way to low the college tution?

Why is UK colleges hard to get in than here?

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  1. Lots of interesting information and analysis. Your follow up question would be more clear if it were worded “is there any way to lower college tuition”?


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